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Clear the fog of narcissistic abuse.

Learn to see through the manipulation, coercion, and gaslighting to help survivors of narcissistic abuse heal.

Complex relational trauma requires a specialized approach.

You want to help your narcissistic abuse survivor clients to heal and thrive, and you know they deserve the best trauma care you can provide. But when you look for ways to learn and grow your skills, it’s a lot easier to find viral video clips than in-depth clinical training.

If you’re nodding along, you’re in the right place.

Here's what you'll gain.

Enhanced Understanding of Narcissistic Abuse Dynamics: Take a deep dive into the intricacies of narcissistic abuse, including manipulation tactics, power dynamics, and the long-term toll it takes on victims.

Advanced Clinical Skills: Learn the skills needed to work effectively and safely with survivors of narcissistic abuse, including processing complicated grief, establishing boundaries in an abusive relationship, and rediscovering self-identity outside the confines of the narcissistic spider web.

Immediate Application of Knowledge: Immediately integrate new insights and strategies into your practice, resulting in more effective and targeted interventions for clients dealing with narcissistic abuse.

Deeper Self-Awareness and Person of the Therapist Insight: Develop a deeper understanding of how your own “stuff” can show up in the therapy room, as well as learning to compassionately and effectively manage transference and countertransference with clients.

Greater Confidence in Challenging Situations: Gain confidence in your ability to navigate challenging aspects of therapy with clients who have experienced narcissistic abuse – and in yourself as a person.

Hi, I'm Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC

And I am the owner and founder of The Courageous Heart Institute.

As a therapist specializing in healing from narcissistic abuse, I’ve had a lot of conversations about the desperate need for clinicians who really get the ins, outs, and upside downs of narcissistic abuse. After hearing from clients and colleagues alike expressing a desire for more clinical training and nurturing, I knew it was time to bring my dream into reality.

Welcome to The Courageous Heart Institute: a learning space dedicated to providing clinicians with the knowledge, understanding, insight, and skills to support survivors of narcissistic abuse. Courageous Heart is built on over 10 years of specialized trauma work and backed by up-to-the-minute research. Here, you are in the best of company with therapists who share your passion for helping clients heal from complex relational trauma.

Learn to help your clients heal from narcissistic abuse with Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC.

The Courageous Heart Mentoring Program

Realtime engagement with an expert

Learn, consult, and get immediately applicable clinical feedback with Amy.

Deep dive into narcissism - girl helping her colleague in a wheelchair

A deep dive into narcissism

Dig into six key aspects of narcissistic abuse and its impact on clients.

Gain clarity and connections - cheerful women working with laptops image

Gain clarity & make connections

Ask questions, clear away the fog, and gain a solid understanding of a complex, nuanced issue.

Small group learning - young ambitious businesspeople studying

Small group learning

Learn, grow, and explore in a small cohort of like-minded learners.

A supportive community -group of people interacting with each other

A supportive community

A safe place to process your “stuff” as it shows up in the therapy room.

Person-of-the-therapist work - confident happy man

Person of the therapist work

Practice compassionate curiosity into your transference and countertransference experiences.

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Ready to join the mentoring program?

Gather your courage and be the first to secure your place in the upcoming cohort. 

The next session begins September 11, 2024

Pay in Full Up Front

$ 2,200
  • $200 discount if paid in full prior to the first date of the cohort!

Paid in Two Installments

$ 2,300
  • $100 discount if paid in two installments of $1150!

Monthly Payments

$ 2,400
  • $400 per month for six months!

New Grad Discount

$ 2,000
  • $400 discount for new graduates* of a clinical program!


In addition to breaking down the complex and often confusing world of narcissistic abuse into bite-sized pieces, you will be invited to dig deep into the other side of the therapeutic alliance – you! Specifically, understanding and recognizing transference and countertransference and their impact on the relationship so that you can deepen your work in the therapy room.

Not to mention, you’ll be added to my Therapist Registry, boosting your practice’s visibility and access to clients seeking support.

Yes! While each module builds on the one before, you will be able to start applying what you learn to your client conceptualizations and treatment plans immediately.
Because the therapeutic relationship is the primary vehicle by which healing occurs….and you, the clinician, make up 50% of that relationship. By understanding yourself better, you can more effectively address transference and countertransference that might otherwise weaken your rapport. And besides all that, you simply deserve to feel the same loving and nurturing energy you already give your clients.
Yes. This program represents a commitment – not only to yourself as a learner, but to your cohort, your Mentor, your clients, and yourself as a clinician. The Mentorship Program is meant to help you steadily grow and deepen over a period of time, allowing you to continuously apply and develop your understanding of the concepts studied. By spacing modules out, you have more time to integrate each concept without risk of overwhelm or burnout.

In the event of a family emergency or unforeseen circumstance, a limited number of synchronous sessions may be made up by arrangement with Amy.

Yes! There are three options for payment, as well as a discount for new graduates up to one year after completing a clinical Master’s degree program.

We’re working on it! Check back regularly for updates.

Healing from narcissistic abuse is an act of fierce courage.
Welcome to the Courageous Heart Institute.